303 Jacket

Made from a double layer of cotton twill for extra durability, heavily stitched and reinforced

Open soft mesh on both elbows facilitating movement and allowing for maximum ventilation

Suede provides shoulder and both arm protection from the rifle strap/sling. This can be for either a left or right hand shooter

1.5mm Rubber, of high quality added to facilitate support and reduce movement on the shoulder

Adjustable nylon strap on upper arm adds to support of rifle strap/sling

Large bird pocket on back allows for packing of accessories

The back bird pocket may be left off

Heavy duty YKK zip

Please take measurements when wearing usual clothing.
All measurement's to be done in cm's.

R2750.00 (Incl. VAT %)

Please select whether you are a right hand or left hand shooter.

1: Chest in cm's

2: Waist in cm's

3: Hips in cm's

4: Shoulders in cm's

5: Width of Back in cm's

6: Length of Back A-B in cm's (From neck line to line with clenched fist)

7: Shoulders to Elbow in cm's  

8: Arm Length incl. Shoulder in cm's

9: Circumference Upper Arm in cm's

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