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In sporting codes there has always been great pride associated with Team and Provincial colours. Western Province soccer / rugby have always been associated with white and royal blue. The Bulls have now taken to cerise on their away strips. But these and the other colours associated with the other Provinces are worn with pride and long standing tradition.

It is with these values that it would be great to see these existing colours, or other registered colours, be adopted by the clay pigeon fraternity. Clubs can register with The Sporting Rack (TSR) and get a dedicated page on our website that would facilitate any member ordering their club shirts, caps, badges, shooting jackets, towels etc . It goes without saying that these items will be branded as to each club’s specifications. The Sporting Rack would keep stock of the clubs items at no cost to the club, but would allow any member to purchase any item when required. This is a great advantage in these times when clubs don’t have the financial position to keep stock of shirts/caps and badges etc in different sizes – stock often lies on the shelf and is a financial burden until it is sold. The club, if they wish, could reserve that particular shirt (colour combination) as their club shirt. As mentioned above, this will create a sense of unity and belonging at events where one, two or three members participate, which allows them to be easily recognisable and create some comaraderie.

TSR offers to create an individual page and maintain it with good quality photographs of the items which pertain to that club at no cost to the club.

There is a host of items such as shirts (+- 200 different shirts) and caps (+-90) etc to choose from, to create an individual identity.

Please contact us to register as an Affiliated Club at 021 701 3328

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